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David Chipakupaku

‘Ello. My name is David Chipakupaku and I’m the winner of “Most Complicated Name of the Year” annually in my friend group. I also own two Blue Peter badges because I was THAT kid. My taste in music ranges from really sweet pop like PC Music to grime and rap, so expect a lot of diversity when I’m in the studio! When I’m not spraffing nonsense into a microphone, I do it in real life and yet I still have friends. I also listen to a huge number of podcasts and binge watch telly like Alan Partridge and RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix (see, I’m down with the kids, I know about the Netflix). Finally, if I was a Spice Girl I probably would be Mel B. Obvs. Twitter: @David_Chippa

Adele Tait

Hey! I’m Adele and I love pretty much all music ranging from ABBA to Kanye West. When I’m not in college I spend pretty much all my free time playing netball or swimming. And I love pretty much any cheesy film, especially if it’s got a wee musical number in it.

Sheryll Kerr

I’m Sheryll! I have various different tastes in music from cheesy musicals all the way to Eminem. I love pop music and I especially love anything Disney. In my spare time I mostly listen to music, watch different TV shows such as Riverdale and The Big Bang Theory and also in my free time I enjoy walking my dog, Mason.

Donagh Kavanagh

My name's Donagh, and if you listen to my show you'll learn exactly how to pronounce that. Away from my homeland of Ireland, I'm here to supply an optimistic tone to your mornings with a variety of upbeat tunes, ramblings, and general musings of a 23 year old craic merchant.

Jay Gallagher

Hi, I’m Jay! I’m a big fan of all things Indie (mainly Pop)/ Electronic. In my spare time I’m either: practicing the bass, watching anime or playing games.【=★︿★=】

Maya Chillingworth

Fresh to hit our screens or so classic its chilling. I’m Maya and I’ll be with you as we venture through the world of film and television. Binge watcher and creative arts enthusiast, I spend my time writing, hanging with family and friends, and singing randomly in shopping queues. Keep an ear out and you just might hear me! @MayaChillRadio

Maryann Parry-Jones

Hey troops, Maryann Parry-Jones here to share my love and passion for the unsigned music scene with you all. I’ve been a music reviewer for the last 4 years, helping bands get the support they need within the music circuit with promotions and advice. On a personal note, I have an unhealthy obsession with lizards and can tan a 12 inch pizza in 3 minutes, I know right! Mad skillz!

Matthew Weir

My name is Matthew Weir and if you like “Heavy Metal” and all of the offshoots of metal tune into my show here on Edinburgh College Radio for up and coming Gigs and tour info together with interviews you can follow me on Twitter @mweir224.

Sylvain Ayité

DJ Silver here presenting Iman Reggae Selection with all the best retro classic and contemporary reggae in the world we might throw in a bit of soul and RnB for equal measure. Positive vibration for the nation with awesome guests, great chats, live session and plenty info about what is happening in the reggae scene in Edinburgh and beyond.
Oh yes about me…I am a musician singer and songwriter, I play various style of music and love to collaborate. I speak French, English, Portuguese creole, Wolof, Spanish. Yes man, I am from all over. Check me out feel my vibe.



Hey, my name is Anna. I am 20 y.o. I am a big music fan, and I am a singer too. I come from a small country. Yeah, I am not from Scotland. I am creative but not communicative. I am a I am a Latvian blogger, photographer and just a funny girl. I like horrors. I hope that you would like to listen my radio show and just for relaxing and enjoying music.

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