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Bailey Caine

Podcast devotee and lover of oreos and concerts. Musical interests range from Kendrick Lamar to Soundgarden. Bit of a video game/movie addict too! Twitter: @TheBaileyCaine

Andrew Wolfe

Hey there, I'm Andrew but my friends call me Wolfie. I come from a little village called Torphichen. I'm in to folk yet partial to funk and even a bit of Daft Punk! Keep an ear on the airwaves for Wolfie! @AndrewWolfie

Stevie Shillinglaw

Hi I’m Stevie. I’m a mixed bag musically but if there’s a beat, a lyric or killer intro chances are I’ll be playing it on Edinburgh College Radio. I do however hold a special place for girl groups, live performances and obscure album tracks. Outside of radio, I’m a keen writer and I can binge watch documentaries for fun.

Dale Williamson

Hello, I'm Dale! I'm 18 and I was born and raised here in Edinburgh. I enjoy all types of things varying from acting & performance to binging on horror films all night. I love talking (maybe a bit too much) and of course music! I like all sorts of genres like alternative and indie as well as chart music. I'm always trying to make people laugh and enjoy myself making the best out of most situations!

Daniele Schioppa

Hey this is DVS. I love music mainly rap and hip hop, my favorite food is pasta pumpkin I'm very friendly and very sporty follow to hear about my life. One love

Ida Andersson

Ikea, Spotify, Volvo and me. All good things come from Sweden. Am I right!? After seeing Trainspotting for about 30 times I decided that Scotland would be a good place to live so I packed my bags and left Stockholm to study radio north of the wall. Very into hiphop/reggae/ska/jungle and everything related to it right now. I even took dancehall classes for awhile so if you’re lucky you might see me do a bad attempt at the willie bounce on a dancefloor late at night (but I hope you don’t).

Sphephelo Madlala

So it goes...I am young dream chaser from KZN South Africa. My name is Sphephelo Madlala also known as Papi. I am a DJ/Producer and I am currently walking on the windey road to success, and I've just  taken a pit stop at Edinburgh College. Catch me @ 17:00pm - 18:00pm on Wednesday, where I'll be bring you organic, gluten free deep house music from around the world. I am Papi and YOU are AMAZING, remember my name you'll be screaming it later.

Megan Lloyd

Hey there! My name is Megan, I love music and probably wouldn’t miss a day without it if I could. I am currently studying radio which involves two of my fave things talking and listening to music. I am really into chart music as well as the old tunes to get a blast from the past! When I’m not listening to music I’m socialising (shock) as I love meeting new people and am known for always trying to make people laugh.

Julie Watson

Hi, I'm Julie and I will be fulfilling your Indie needs for an hour every week! When I'm not studying here at college I'm probably spending too much time on the internet while taking time out to wander around the international food aisle, watch anime and loiter around the Cowgate and all it's attractions.

Matthew Sanders

Hello, I'm Matthew. I love almost everything pop culture, and I spend far too much time watching Wrestling, various TV shows and Films. I co-host two podcasts (Wrestling and Film) which you can check out through my Twitter.

Kelly Doherty

Hey I’m Kelly Doherty, 25, Edinburgh born and raised as well as funk & soul lover. When I’m not listening to the radio I’m inhaling horror films and 90’s sitcoms, the cheesier the better. You can catch my weekly show, Stax of Soul, here at Edinburgh College Radio for all your Motown needs. I’ll be covering all of the major artists from the genre, along with some hidden gems and giving some history about them as well as their hits & B-sides.

Jordan Banks


Adam Gallacher

"Hey, I'm Adam! Not only the youngest presenter you’ll hear on our station, I’m also the only Fife born, but hopefully the accent won’t get in the way of you all enjoying my shows! My sound’s a great mixture of classic pop-rock with up and coming indie tracks, which will sound fantastic on air as long as I don’t get too carried away listening to my own voice..." Take a look at @adamgallacher24

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Breakfast with Bailey and Jordan

Bailey Caine & Jordan Banks


The Morning Show
Stevie and Julie

Movie Madness

Adam Gallacher & Matthew Sanders



Wolfie’s Wednesday tunes
Andrew wolfe

The Indie Hour
Julie Watson
14:00 Music time
Adam Gallacher
Mish Mash Tuesdays

Dale and Megan

Oldies and Goldies
Jordan Banks

Rock Hour
Matthew Sanders

The Voice Of The Streets
Daniele Schioppa


The Mystery Tour
Bailey Caine

Stevie Shillinglaw Wednesdays with Ida

Ida Andersson


Stax of Soul
with Kelly Doherty

Sphephelo Madlala